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Leadership Atlanta

Application Process

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Why Apply?

Leadership Atlanta

Leadership Atlanta is designed to propel established leaders to the next level in their service to the community.  The program provides a deep dive into some of the most challenging issues facing our society and allows program members to gain insight into what they can do to make Greater Atlanta a better community for everyone. Participants will grow as individuals, develop valuable contacts and interpersonal relationships, and prepare themselves for future leadership opportunities.

Ideal Applicants

Leadership Atlanta

  • Hold positions of leadership in their employment or volunteer organization.

  • Executives with Metro Atlanta companies

  • High-level leaders, generally at the EVP, Senior Divisional Managers, or Vice President level or above in large organizations, or

  • At the President, Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director level with overall responsibility for smaller organizations, as well as,

  • Individuals with specific positions of influence and community service

  • Display evidence of mature judgment and exceptional leadership qualities.

  • Have demonstrated a strong interest in and commitment to the community through significant voluntary leadership roles in organizations over an extended periods. Service in organizations beyond professional network and familial obligations should be identified as part of the application process.

  • Are most qualified to utilize their leadership skills through community service for the long-term benefit of the community.

  • Have obvious potential for growing personally and affecting change.

  • Are willing to commit the time and energy necessary to complete the program. 

Other Considerations

Leadership Atlanta

  • We are anxious to have participants from across the entire metro area.

  • We seek a class that reflects the metro area's diversity of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation.

  • We seek representatives from business, government, non-profit, and volunteer sectors.

  • There are no age restrictions or limitations.

  • Tenure in Atlanta is not necessarily a factor. Potential for impact on Atlanta now and in the future is more important. Community service in other communities is considered in the selection process.

  • Only one class member will be chosen from an organization. We recommend you consult your Human Resources department to find out if there is an internal nominations process.


Leadership Atlanta


Leadership Atlanta

If you desire to engage with other leaders in a transformational experience, we invite you to submit an application. All applicants must be nominated in order to receive an application. Corporate, peer, and self-nominations are welcome. Nominations can be submitted year-round. To be nominated for the Class of 2026 please visit the nomination form here.  


Leadership Atlanta

Applications for the Class of 2026 will be sent in December 2024 and due in January  2025.   If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact our staff at or by phone at 404-876-4770 ext. 1040. 

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