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What Is Leadership Atlanta?

Celebrating more than 54 years of developing leaders, Leadership Atlanta is one of the oldest sustained community leadership programs in the nation. Together with an expansive network of distinguished alumni, Leadership Atlanta continues a proud tradition of connecting and inspiring leaders to strengthen metro Atlanta's communities. We lead, we educate, we serve, we engage and we grow. 


Leadership Programs and Workshops

Our leadership programs and workshops are designed to help individuals and teams build the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their roles and make a positive impact on their communities.



Lifelong Learning

Our commitment to education extends beyond the duration of our programs. Alumni have access to ongoing educational opportunities, exclusive events, and a strong network for continued growth.


Community Leadership Projects

We believe in the power of service to bring people together and create positive change in our communities.  An important component of Leadership Atlanta and LEAD programs is community leadership projects.  Each year, project teams from the classes work collaboratively on critical initiatives that support and help Metro Atlanta’s non-profit organizations achieve their mission. Learn more about our Projects for the Class of 2025 here

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Networking Opportunities

We offer various opportunities for leaders to connect and build relationships with other professionals in their industries and beyond.


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"Leadership Atlanta has changed every aspect of how I live and lead.  The challenges, problems, and opportunities of our City and Region are presented and explored in a deep, raw, and unapologetic way.  The small study group sessions, delve into issues of how and why these challenges continue to persist.  Because many of these challenges are societal issues, they are also pervasive within each organization where we lead, whether we recognize and acknowledge them or not. 


Confronting these issues and exploring how I can be a better citizen and leader, with classmates that are the top business, civic, and faith leaders in Atlanta, resulted in a shift in my leadership mindset that goes far beyond just my organization.  I want to have an impact that leaves the city and the region a better place, not just be a good businessperson and entrepreneur.


There is no better place to continue that pursuit than as an Alumni of Leadership Atlanta.  The alumni network is truly the heartbeat of the city of Atlanta.  The true lasting, sustainable, and impactful change that is occurring in our region is being driven by Leadership Atlanta graduates and the network of alumni supporters."

PJ Bain '20, Chief Executive Officer, PrimeRevenue, Inc.

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