It is the mission of Leadership Atlanta to build a better community for everyone in the Atlanta region through education about the key issues facing the region and inspiring members and others to take on and exercise real leadership committed to serving the common good.


  • Appreciation and respect for the diversity of Atlanta's people.
  • Commitment to seeking common ground and pursuing common goals.
  • Commitment to seeking inclusion of all perspectives in community debate and decision making.
  • Affirmation that creating and maintaining community is a responsibility of every individual.
  • Openness and willingness to share, learn and seek solutions.
  • Recognition of the mutual interdependence of all communities in the Atlanta region.
  • Recognition that involvement by and collaboration among the business, government, nonprofit, and religious sectors are essential to the welfare of our community.
  • These core values reflect not only the beliefs intrinsic to Leadership Atlanta but are intended to model values we believe to be essential to the success and welfare of the entire community.


To be an organization of excellence that builds and serves leadership in Metro Atlanta by:

  • Providing opportunities to establish personal relationships built on mutual trust and respect among leaders from diverse constituencies.
  • Providing information and insights into the major issues, problems and opportunities facing the Atlanta Metropolitan area.
  • Providing a forum for candid and honest discussion of important issues; for hearing different perspectives and opinions; and for learning from each other.
  • Transmitting to new generations of leaders the legacy of core values traditionally embodied by Atlanta's leadership that have been central to Atlanta's success.
  • Enabling the creation of new ideas and initiatives to address Atlanta's major challenges.
  • Linking its members to new and existing initiatives that address important community needs.