Leadership Atlanta Program Days

The Leadership Atlanta program is an opportunity for class members to deepen their knowledge of critical community issues, challenge themselves and their own assumptions, refine their leadership skills, and learn from one another. Like other cities, Atlanta is facing critical economic, environmental, and social issues that require regional, state, and national leaders of all levels to work together. By the end of the program year, class members will have a more insightful perspective of the significant issues facing our community and how they may affect those concerns through their leadership and service.

Leadership Atlanta Alumni Events

As established leaders and graduates of Leadership Atlanta, you have been exposed to a number of issues that challenge our society today. Our alumni programs will explore important topics on a more in depth level, going beyond introductory overviews and summary headlines. We invite all Leadership Atlanta alumni to join us for expansive conversations with other leaders and to determine how you can have greater impact on the community.

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